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Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Top most layer of the Earth.
Thin plates that are made of Basalt that form the ocean floor.
Plates that are made of Andesite and Granite that form the continents.
Two plates that move toward each other and collide.
Scientific theory explaining how the plates move on the Earth's surface.
Juan De Fuco Plate, Nazca Plate, Philippine Plate, etc..
A sphere of hot, solid metal.
Two plates that move away from each other.
Two plates that slide past each other.
The super continent.
Eurasian Plate, North American Plate, South American Plate, Pacific Plate, etc..
Thick layer that surrounds the Earth's Core.
Current that are caused by the very hot deepest part of thew Mantle.
Where the plates of the Lithosphere float, or slide atop.
Earth's surface which is broken into pieces that move over the Asthenosphere.
A layer of rock that surrounds the Earth's surface.
Liquid metal that surrounds the Inner Core.