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Romeo and Juliet Vocab. Acts One and Two

Name ____________________________________
To attack violently with blows or words.
With that; with.
Promising bad fortune.
Something lost by or taken away from a person because of an offense or error committed; penalty.
Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.
High regard.
A figure of speech that attributes human qualities to an inanimate object.
A character, who through contrasts, reveals the characteristics of another character.
Right away; coming.
Type of drama or literature that shows the downfall or destruction of a noble or outstanding person.
Noisily rough; rowdy. Vigorously active; violent.
Tactful; respectful.
A noisy fight.
Light or harmless.
Enemy; opponent.
Trivial; foolish
Questioned deeply.
A slender two edged sword with a cuplike handle.
Godd evening.
To enlarge; increase.
Keeping others down by the unjust use of power.
A play on words. Miss Collins lives for them.
Wrongdoing; sin.
A figure of speech that combines words that are opposites.
One who holds to a belief opposed to the established teachings of a church.
An injustice; complaint.
Casing great injury or ruin; destructive.
Christian church feast, held in England on August 1.
Mood; moisture.