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Science Vocab Fun

Type of weathering where surface soil and rock are worn away by action of glaciers, water, and wind
Plants absorb water through roots and give water vapor through pores from their leaves
Material, especially ions from chemical weathering that are carried by a stream
Slope or incline
Valley formed by flowing water
Area below water table
Deposit of sand or mud build up alongside a river or stream
Ability to allow liquids or gasses to pass through
Sediments, soil, and rocks added to a landform
Process where water circulates between earth's oceans, atmospheres, and land.
River or stream lowing into a larger body of water
Winding curve or bend of a river or road
Region between earth's surface and water table
Full of tiny holes
Water near earth's surface
Process of turning liquid into vaopr
Level below ground that's saturated with water
Volumetric flow rate of water that's transported through a given cross sectional area
Water from precipitation that flows over land surface
Rain, snow, hail, or sleet that falls to the ground
Portion of the sediment that's carried by a fluid flow that almost never touches the bed
Area drained by river and tributaries
Particles transported along the bed
Low ground adjacent to a river formed by sediments and subjected to flooding