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18 Moisture, clouds & precipitation

Many of the middle clouds have this prefix
Clouds are classified based on there ___& ___
The gas that is most important for understanding the processes that occur in the atmosphere.
Ice pellets that collect supercooled water droplets
The ratio of the air's actual water vapor content to the maximum it can hold.
A cloud that is on or close to the ground
Temperature increases with height
The process of precipitation in supercooled water in cold clouds
The amount of water vapor in the air
When liquid absorbs energy and changes into a gas what takes place?
Thunderstorm cloud
When warm and cold air collide this occurs.
This type of air has over 100% humidity
The lifting process that causes most or all of the precipitation on the windward side of mountains
This is a term for rain.
The forming of frost on a cold windowpane is an example of this process.
Temperature changes that occur without adding or subtracting heat
The number of degrees the temperature rises or falls per 1,000 feet vertical
During a change in state, energy is transferred in this form.
The lifting process that produces rising air due to unequal heating on Earth.
Low rain clouds that are not thunderstorm clouds
This is the term when cold acts as a barrier when it confronts a warm air mass.
When air tends to be in its original position it is referred to as being ______
When water vapor turns to a liquid.
For precipitation to form cloud droplets have to grow about a _____ times.
The temperature at which a parcel of air needs to be cooled to reach saturation.
Normally, the lowest level of cloud type