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Chemistry Terms!!!

Negatively charged subatomic particle
The atomic mass of any substance expressed in grams per mole (g/mol)
# of atoms in the reactant is equal to that of the product.
Non-metal + non-metal
Group 1
Ending material in chemical reaction
Group 2
Non-metal + metal
Amount of energy to "pull" electrons towards the nucleus of the atom
# of protons
Neutrally charged subatomic particle
This value is listed on the periodic table and represents the mass of a single atom of an element
Outermost electron
Starting material in a chemical reaction
Postively charged subatomic particle
Group 18
Affinity to attract electrons to nucleus of atom
Ratio used to convert one unit to another
Group 17
Distance between the nucleus and its valence shell
experimentally determined to be the number of atoms in 12.01 grams of carbon
a unit of measure that allows us to make comparisons between substances that have different masses