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Unit 7: Presidency Vocab Review

Term used to describe a president who appears to have too much power or act like an "emperor"
The sitting president is generally considered to be the head of his/her political _.
A diplomat who is no longer welcome to work in the US is called a _.
At his inauguration, the president must take the _, promising to uphold the Constitution.
The president is not elected by the people, but officially by the _ instead.
The president can negotiate an executive _, which is like a treaty but does not require Senate approval.
In the role as Chief _, the president is responsible for executing the laws passed by Congress.
The president, as Chief _, is supposed to be a role model for Americans.
The order of people who would take over the presidency is something happened to the president is called presidential _.
This is an agreement between the US and another nation, which requires a 2/3 approval from the Senate.
The president can issue a _, which eliminates a person from being charged with a crime.
This is the ability of the president to decide which foreign nations he will have diplomatic relations with.
In the role as Chief _, the President negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign nations.
A president can issue executive _, which carry the force of laws, but are not passed by Congress.
When a presidential candidate selects a VP candidate, he/she is usually trying to __ the ticket.
In the role of Chief _, the president is responsible for setting the agenda for Congress.
One of the most important roles of the president is being in charge of the military and acting as _.
The president's term officially begins on Jan. 20th at his _.
When the president is acting as the head of the executive branch and its departments, he is acting as chief _.
In the role as Chief of _, the president is the ceremonial head of the United States.