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Pre-Algebra: Modules 9 and 10

The point about which a figure is rotated
An increase in the size of all dimensions in the same proportions
A transformation that enlarges or reduces a figure
A line that a figure is flipped across to create a mirror image of the original figure
Having the same size and shape
A movement (slide) of a figure along a straight line
The original figure in a transformation
Figures with the same shape but not necessarily the same size
One of the numbers of an ordered pair that locate a point on the coordinate graph
A change in size or position of a figure
The ratio used to enlarge or reduce similar figures
The point of intersection of lines through each pair of corresponding vertices in a dilation
A figure resulting from a transformation
A decrease in the size of all dimensions
A transformation of a figure that flips the figure across a line
A transformation in which a figure is turned around a point