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physical and chemical changes 2018

Physical and Chemical Changes
Only these properties change during a physical change.
Something entirely brand new is a sure sign of this type of change.
Sprite is an example of a ____genous mixture.
These are pure forms of matter and they combine to make mixtures and compounds.
These are formed when new chemical combinations of matter occur.
You have to shake these well because the molecules dont remain floating.
Physical changes are usually able to be undone. In other words, they are __________.
I told you that homogenous mixtures should taste exactly the same in every _____.
If I said something was dense, this would be an example of what kind of property?
C+H = CH represents the creation of a _______.
These mixtures have particles that are small enough to remain floating, but larger than that of a solution.
Many might think that changing states of matter is a __________ change, but it isnt.
The only true type of homogenous mixture of the 3 we studied were __________.
Sometimes, a solid appears to dissapear into a liquid..... so you might think ___________ is a chemical change but it isnt.
When you leave your bike outside in the rain, sometimes it may ____. This would be an example of a chemical change.
Changing the ___________ of something would be an example of of a physical change.
The smallest unit of matter
Roasting a marshmallow is an example of a chemical change because it changes in color, smell and you can even see ___________ on the surface of the marshmallow.