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Astronomy R&R III

Earth SPINS around an imaginary line (axis) that runs from the north pole to the South Pole
Involves a circular path
Earth's path around the sun - it's shape
Equal amount of darkness and daylight
Equal amount of daylight and darkness - March 11
December 11 - shortest day of the year - least sunlight
Cause of cycle of seasons on Earth
Turning around in a circle
Moon around the sun
Satellite around a planet
Earth's circular movement around the sun
Spinning a ball on your hand
Earth moving around the sun
Impact earth's weather and temperature
24 hours
Sort of EVEN; when earth's rotation axis is leaning - neither toward or away from the sun - not too hot or too cold
June 21 - longest day of the year. most sunlight
Caused by Revolution of the earth around the sun
1 of these causes seasons - 365 days or 1 year
SUPER Cold or SUPER Hot - when the earth's rotation around the sun is the MOST toward or away from the sun
Occurs with all objects in space
When an object moves around another
Causes day and night earth
Spinning laundry in a dryer