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Latin Roots Puzzle #1 February 9, 2018

The act of carrying a boat overland
To gather things together into a group
Describes traveling in a disguise so nobody knows who you are
To know someone again who you have met before
Easy to notice and look at
A lifted embankment to prevent water overflow
Something that holds a variety of things
Describes looking back at the past
To bend back [the light]
To un-build by taking things apart carefully, piece by piece
The act of twisting someone's body or mind to cause pain
To say the opposite of what another oerson says
Exhale air from the lungs; sometimes refers to someone having breathed his or her last breath
To bend one's knee to God or to a royal person
Something built that is in the way of others and prevents them from passing
A book about how to say things
To work or explain more than necessary
Angry, irritated; acting in a way that breaks up a community
To throw luggage or other things out of a plane or overboard
The way someone carries himself/herself [e.g., behaves]
To flock together
Full of work; describes something that requires hard work
To hold someone's attention by amusing
A briefcase, folder, or other means of carrying one's work samples
A small broken piece of something
To lift, lighten, or reduce
One who runs packages and letters from place to place, sometimes on a bicycle
To throw out
To twist [someone's actual or metaphorical arm[ to get something out of him [usually money'