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Weather (part 1)

Global winds would normally blow straight, however, the Earth rotates so their path seems curved. This is known as the __________ effect.
Climates along high pressure latitudes tend to be _____.
A sea breeze occurs during the day when the water is ________ than the land.
This part of the water cycle occurs when evaporated water turns into clouds.
Snow, rain, sleet..... these are all forms of ________.
Where meteroids die!
Not all of the Earth's thermal energy reaches the Earth's crust.....some is ________ back into space by clouds.
The Greenhouse Effect is the phenomenon by which _____ gets trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.
The layer of water surrounding Earth.
The atmosphere is mainly composed of oxygen and this other gas.
Where airplanes fly!
The movement of air from higher to lower pressure is known as _____.
CFCs are destroying what part of our atmosphere?
One of the major effects of burning fossil fuels is a change in ________.
This is the way thermal energy is transferred to a thin layer just above the Earth's crust.
Warm air at low pressure latitudes tends to _____.