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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Lesson 7 Spelling

The opposite of thoughtfulness could be ____________.
On the Thankgiving holiday we celebrate all that we are __________ for.
A good friend should have the character trait of ____________.
The sunset over the lake was a _________ scene!
Teachers and parents give ________ to children to help them learn and take risks.
The truck driver drove __________ through the parking lot almost causing an accident.
Lisa and Ben discussed whether they wanted to play a brass or woodwind ____________ in the band.
There is always some __________ around holiday and birthday celebrations.
It takes __________ to consider another person's feelings.
The distance around the outside of a shape or area is the ____________ of its perimeter.
The _________ of the sun blinded me when I first walked out of the theater.
A person who is forgiving and ___________ shows compassion for others.