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Biology Crossword

Store energy and form membranes.
When atoms join together by covalent bonds
Weak acids or bases that resist pH changes
Attraction between molecules of different substances
Main source of energy, containing Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen
Water is added to separate a polymer into its monomers
Giant molecules, made up of many smaller molecules
Any compound that produces OH in solution
Smaller units of a macromolecule
All single bonds which leads to maximum number of hydrogen
Attraction between molecules of the same substance
Larger unit of a macromolecule
Regulates cell processes, transport substances, and fight diseases
What is being dissolved
What does the dissolving
At least one double bond between two carbon atoms
Any compound that produces H in solution
Water and non-dissolved material
Has a negative charge
Atoms of the same element having the same number of protons and electrons, but different number of neutrons