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The Art of GI Crossword - Madison 2018

Examination of deep structures by means of roentgen rays - used with ERCP's
An agent that combats abnormally frequent and liquid fecal discharges
First stage of liver scarring-can sometimes be reversed
Used to treat constipation or as a colon cleanse prior to a colonoscopy
A chronic progressive liver disease where inflammation causes scarring within the bile ducts, leading to liver failure.(abbreviation)
Brain disease or damage caused by liver failure
Largest organ of the body with an average weight of 1.6 kgs
The effusion and accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity
An agent that inhibits the gastric proton pump
Enlarged or tortuous veins or arteries
Replacement of diseased liver with healthy liver
Agent that promotes evacuation of the bowel
Fluid secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder
A disease in which too much iron accumulates in the body.
Diet recommended prior to colonoscopy and/or during a colitis flare-limits fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and whole grains
Abnormally increased blood pressure in the portal venous system
Administration of a prescribed diet via a g-tube, j-tube, or NG tube.
Surgical puncture for the aspiration of fluid from the abdominal cavity
Main excretory duct of the pancreas which usually unites with the CBD before entering the duodenum
Abnormally low albumin content in the blood
Inflammation of the liver
A substance that neutralizes gastric acidity
Diet recommended for IBS - Avoiding foods that are short chain carbohydrates and fermentable
Diet recommended for celiac disease