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Poetry Unit Review

_________ and loneliness are paired in "A Blessing."
Literary device that mimics the sound of horses galloping into battle.
What does night represent in Dylan Thomas's poem?
What the speaker wishes her mother had left her in a poem by Millay.
The literary device used to accuse the "sleeves" who ignore Captain Craig.
The literary device that ties together the idea of "fame" and "fickle."
Represents the daily, mundane tasks of being a human: "Rich egg in a grey ______ _______."
The form of "Captain Craig."
The author of a poem about family always being there for you, even as you go off on your own.
A two-foot masculine meter.
"Well son, life for me ain't been no _______ _______."
Trochaic __________ contains six syllables per line.
The genre of "A Blessing."
The subject of a poem by Nye about the value in everyday living.
The form of the poem "Hope is the thing with feathers."
"Nobody, not even the ______, has such small hands."
The literary device used in "A Blessing" to emphasize the change caused by an epiphany.
The line break around this word emphasizes the speaker's experience of life--no help, no comforts--in her encouragement to her son to keep going.
What the townspeople see when they see Captain Craig.
What does the speaker of "Women" say that the women of her past fought for her to discover?