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"THE PLANETS", by Gustav Holst

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How old was Holst when he died?
Which planet is the "Bringer of Peace"?
This is an instrument that Holst did NOT like to play.
Which planet did we make up these lyrics for: "Here he comes, here he comes, here comes Santa Claus!"
Which planet is, "The Bringer of War'?
Holst enjoyed learning about the stars and the universe. What is this kind of study called?
Holst had a very good sense of humour. True or false.
This instrument is featured at the beginning of Venus, with a four-note solo?
Which planet is the, "Bringer of Jollity"?
Which of these instruments did Holst NOT play as a child? Piano, violin, saxophone, or trombone.
What did Holst's parents neglect to provided for him, until he was a teenager?
This planet may represent how Holst felt when his application to serve in the British Army was rejected.
Largo is a musical term that means slow. Which planet has a slow tempo/steady beat?
What lung condition did Holst suffer from, without any treatment available?
How old was Holst when his mother passed away?
When Holst moved away from home he decided not to eat meat. He therefore would be known as a , 'what'?
These thoughts may come to mind when thinking of the music that Holst wrote for which planet: floating on the water; nothing to do on a summer's afternoon; feeling a little bored; wondering what a mystic would say about the weather forecast.
You may think of a hummingbird in a hurry, a golden snitch from Harry potter, or a "winged messenger", when you hear the music associated with this planet.
A magician with rabbits magically appearing out of a hat, and then hopping around may remind you of this planet!
This instrument was Holst's favourite.