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Science 1st Semester Review

Break down dead animals and wastes and return nutrients to the air and soil
An animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal is called
Kept constant during an experiment
An animal that hunts another animal is called a
Located between Mars and Jupiter. Contains most large pieces of space rocks.
Variable that is changed during an experiment
A small space rock that may enter the atmosphere of a planet
Organisms that have to eat other living things for energy
A streak of light in the sky, also called a "shooting star"
Variable that is measured during an experiment. This changes as a result of what the scientist does.
Small, rocky planets that are close to the sun, have few moons, and longer periods of rotation
The first level of a food chain, these organisms make their own food through photosynthesis
All the living things in an ecosystem
To spin on an axis
Frozen pieces of ice and rock that have very long orbital periods. When they are near the sun they appear to have a long tail and are sometimes called "Dirty Snowballs
All the members of the same species living together in a habitat
Huge, made of gas, have many moons, and short periods of rotation
Reaches Earth's surface from outer space
All the nonliving things in an ecosystem
To go around, or orbit the sun