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Physical Science Test 8

Instruments in which pitch varies when holes are opened or closed
Perception of sound intensity by human ear
Sound waves are what type of wave
French horn, trumpet, & tuba belong to this family
Driving frequency = natural frequency
Change in course of wave when it collides with an object
The set of frequencies at which an object vibrates
Multiple reflections
Noise is ____ sound with no intended pattern
Sounds produced that are higher that fundamental
The difference in pitch between a note and a second note that has 2x the frequency
Harmonious interference
Sound of definite pitch
Most versatile instrument in modern times
Process of dissipating sound wave energy in matter
Sound heard after it has been reflected off an object
Change in the sound frequency by an object's motion
Timbre is a reference to the _____ of sound
percussion instruments played by being ____
System used to detect items underwater
interference that is beneficial
A series of organized sound waves with specific pitches that are deliberately arranged
Length of a wave
Intensity is a reference to the ____ of a sound wave
Frequency relationships between fundamental and overtones are described by what
Law that states angle of incidence = angle of reflection
# of waves that pass a given point per unit of time
Spreading out of a wave
The most dominant sound produced by a musical instrument
Sound with frequency below the range of human hearing
Change in a wave's direction when passing from one substance to another
Time needed for one wave to pass
A hollow body that makes noises louder
Violent compression that results when an object travels quicker than the speed of sound
Audible sounds can be _____
Hertz is the SI unit of what
Unit used to measure sound
The way our ear perceives sound frequency