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Biology Test8

Found near equator
Period of growth inside the mother's womb
The temperate deciduous forest biome has well defined ____
Primates without tails
When a mammal enters a dormant state during the winter
Nocturnal implies activity occurs at ____
Home to the coral reef system
An ecosystem's ability to withstand and recover from change
Largest marsupial
Tundra found at high mountain altitudes
Ruminants are animals that chew the cud
Rabbits belong to this family
Classified by climax vegetation
What species are the first organisms to colonize a disturbed ecosystem?
First trophic level
Primates with tails
Zone that stretches past the continental shelf
Animals that can not move
An orca is a ____ whale
Symmetry of mammals
Animals with hooves
Living in trees
Organism's function
Rodents are ____ mammals
A food ___ shows all possible feeding relationships
Blue whale is what type of whale
"sea cows"
Characterized by long, harsh winters & permafrost
Prairies, plains, African savannas
Aquatic and terrestrial are 2 types of what?
"water cycle"
No symmetry
Largest rodent
Made of solid bone and are shed every year
Study of how living things interact with their environment
Marsupials are characterized by their ____
Driest biome