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Renaissance 1441

The artist who painted the Merode Altarpiece
This artist was the first to use linear perspective in a fresco painting
The name given to the second set of doors for the Florence baptistery by Ghiberti
Subject matter in a work of art
The artist who built the Florence duomo, invented linear perspective, and lost the commission for the baptistery doors
Term used to describe ancient Greece and Rome
The artist of the Arena Chapel frescoes
Renaissance self confidence
This artist painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling
Bible story painted in fresco by both Leonardo and Ghiberti
This artist painted "The School of Athens"
Stance with one leg bearing weight
An altarpiece painting with three panels
Subject for the Florence baptistery doors competition
Creating the illusion of three dimensions by painting objects at an angle to the picture plane
A wall painting done on wet plaster
Philosophy popular during the Renaissance
This artist studied many subjects and was a "Renaissance Man"