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Old Testament 1120

Joel's book is difficult to place in ______
Joel's name means "The LORD is -------"
Nahum foretold the destruction of ____ 150 years after Jonah.
Jonah was told that they people of Nineveh would be judged in ------ days.
Joel Prophesied the coming of the Holy -------
God will receive the man who ----------- to Him
Chapter 3 of this book is a prayer for revival.
In Malachi God promises to pour these out if we bring our tithes.
In the book of Malachi, God says that this is dealing treacherously with the wife of your youth
Amos was not a "professional Prophet"- he was a _____
He proclaimed Salvation by calling upon the name of the LORD
"Prove me now" was God's challenge in relation to offerings and ------- .
The names of Hosea's _________ represented the future of God's people.
The "70th week" representing the last 7 years of this age are described in this book.
The price of the Eunuchs in Nebuchadnezzar's palace
Amos saw this
God is slow to anger but he will NOT acquit the -------
Amos was shown a basket of ------ .
Nahum said that these were the"dust of God's feet".
The hometown of Amos
Hosea means "The LORD ______"
His name means "Servant of the LORD"
The Empire represented by the legs of Iron
He married a prostitute and portrayed Christ's redeeming Love
The Plumb-line seen by Amos represents the LORD's _____
The penalty for not bowing down to an image of gold
Joel's theme is "the Day of the LORD", or ______
Zechariah 13 foretells the scars in his hands
In Chapter 11 he explains that he was paid 30 pieces of silver - the price of a slave.
A woe is "a ____ upon"
God prepared a Gourd for him , and then prepared a worm to eat the Gourd!
He motivated Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple again.
In chapter 5, he prophesied the birthplace of Christ.
The feet were made of iron mixed with -------
The basket of fruit represents a nation ___ for Judgement.
A plaque of ____ gave Joel a glimpse of Judgement day.
He foretold the destruction of Ninevah
A kind of vegetable eaten by Daniel & his friends
Habakkuk pronounces various ____ upon sinners in Chapter 2