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5th Grade Music

Write your name and date.  All answers can be found on the walls or by asking a friend.
The tiny piece of wood that woodwind instruments use is called a _______
How many lines are on the staff?
Look at picture 5
Wind instruments are classified as brass or ________
The Christmas Program had the ghosts of Christmas past, ________, and future
Look at picture 9
Look at picture 10
Instruments that you can hit, beat, shake or scrape are in what category?
Look at picture 2
Every, Good, Boy, Does, ________
_______, Good, Boy, Does, Fine
Look at picture 1
Every, _____, Boy, Does, Fine
Every, Good, Boy, ______, Fine
A stringed instrument that is popular in Hawaii
How many letters are in the music alphabet?
Look at picture 8
A person who writes music is called a what?
The SPACES on a treble clef staff
The LINES on a treble clef staff
Who was the main character in the Christmas Program? Ebeneezer_______
Jazz, blues, and Gospel all use call and _______
Look at picture 3
Look at picture 4
Write all seven letters of the C Scale
How many spaces are on the staff?
Look at picture 6
Look at picture 7
Every, Good, _____, Does, Fine