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Internal Cell Structures

It plays a vital role in protein synthesis.
It is a double layered, thin barrier, surrounding the cell to control the entry and exit of certain substances.
It is a membrane, which protects the cell by keeping the cell organelles separate from each other. This helps to keep a cell in stable. The site, where many vital biochemical reactions take place.
It helps in the movement of materials around the cell. It contains an enzyme that helps in building molecules and in manufacturing of proteins. The main function of this organelle is storage and secretion.
It helps in the movement of materials within the cell.
It helps plants in maintaining its shape and it also stores water, food, wastes, etc.
It is also called as suicidal bags as it helps in cell renewal and break down old cell parts.
They are the membrane bound organelles, which are found in all eukaryotic cells. It is the very important organelle of a cell as it controls the complete activity of a cell and also plays a vital role in reproduction.
They are the site of photosynthesis, which are present in chlorophyll bacteria, blue-green algae, etc.
They are double membrane, filamentous organelles, which play a vital role in generating and transforming the energy. Plays a vital role in various functions of the cell metabolisms including oxidative phosphorylation
The bilayer membrane, which protects the nucleus by surrounding around it and acts as a barrier between the cell nucleus and other organs of a cell.
It helps in protecting the plasma membrane and plays a vital role in supporting and protecting the cells. It is a thick outer layer made of cellulose.
It is made up of DNA and stored in the nucleus, which contains the instructions for traits and characteristics.
It is an important membrane found inside the nucleus. It plays a vital role in the production of cell's ribosome.