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Early People in California - Spanish and Indians

Early People in California
Spanish and Indians
This priest kept a journal about his journey with Father Serra to SanDiego to set up the first California mission in 1769. His name was Father ________ __________.
A journey that is made for a special purpose or reason is called an _____________.
This captain led an expedition of hundreds of Spanish settlers to settle in an area of Northern California, now known as San Francisco. His name was Captain _______ _____________ ___ _________.
This Franciscan priest started the California missions to spread the Catholic religion. He setup the first one in SanDiego in 1769. His name was Father ___________ _________.
A settlement of people who come from one country to live in another land is called a ________________.
This is the religion of the Catholic church, and the one that Father Serra and his priests were teaching the California Indians. This religion is called _____________________.
This man was a soldier that Spain sent to California in 1767 to run a colony. His name was ______________ ___ ____________.
A person who teaches his or her religion to people who have different beliefs is a _________________.
A settlement that is set up by a religious group to teach their religion and ways of life to native people is called a ______________.