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Spain's influence in California

Spain's influence in California
This road is also known as King's Highway. it is the 600 mile road that runs from San Diego to San Francisco connecting California's 21 missions. It is called ___ ___________ ________.
This is a building used by soldiers to defend an important place. It is called a ________.
California's missions were built near _____________ _______________ such as rivers, forests, and fertile land that was good for growing crops.
A _______________ is a large area of land where crops are grown and horses, cattle, and pigs are raised.
An _________________ is a system of producing and consuming goods in a country, state, or local area.
This word is the Spanish word for village. _______________
The huge body of water that borders California is called the ______________ ______________.
When the Mexican government took over California, it gave parcels of land to Mexicans who were settling in California. Each area of land given to a person was called a ____________ _____________.
This is the Spanish word for fort. They also became the center for trade.
This word means to take control of a place