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Civil War Crossword

Gunboats using stacked cotton bales to protect themselves from enemy fire.
Loyal to the government of the United States. Is also known as the Union, Yankee, or Northern.
The lowest rank in the army.
A crushing defeat where, often, the losers run from the field
Someone who wants to get rid of slavery.
A common Southern term for "peanut".
Round container used to store water. It can be made from wood or tin.
The states of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri. Although these states did not officially join the Confederacy, many of their citizens supported the South.
A rifled artillery piece with a reinforcing band at the rear, or breech.
Troops, like the National Guard.
A Northerner; someone loyal to the Federal government of the United States. Also, Union, Federal, or Northern.
Blocking the supply lines and escape routes of a city to force it to surrender.