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Weather Vocab Review

Water that does not soak into the ground and instead flows across Earth's surface.
Winds that blow over large areas of earth.
A huge mass of frozen water that moves slowly.
Movement of air
How warm or cool the air is around us.
The process by which a gas changes into a liquid.
Cooler, high-pressure air flows from over the water to the land.
The process by which a liquid changes into a gas.
The amount of water vapor in the air.
Winds that move short distances and can change direction.
Cooler, high-pressure air flows from the land toward the sea.
The mixture of gases that surround Earth.
Water located within the gaps and pores in rocks below Earth's surface.
The process in which water continuously moves from Earth's surface into the atmosphere and back again.
Water that falls from cloud's to Earth's surface.
The weight of the atmosphere pressing down on Earth.
A large body of air that has the same temperature and humidity throughout.
The boundary between two air masses.
The condition of the atmosphere at a given place and time.
A weather instrument used to measure changes in air pressure.