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westward expansion/Louisiana purchase crossword

Army mapmaker who co-led the expedition to explore the Louisiana purchase
Clear or obvious
Army scientist who led expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase
French leader who sold Louisiana to the us
Jefferson's expedition to explore the Louisiana purchase
Famous route that pioneers took west
Lewis and Clark's expedition used this to explore the Midwest
The name given to men who left their families to mine for gold in 1849
Movement from one place to another
A special unit of about 40 soldiers who were selected to join Lewis and Clark on their expedition of Louisiana purchase
The president at the time of the Louisiana purchase
$15 million purchase of Midwestern north america that doubled the size of the us
A small town with a quickly growing population due to sudden prosperity
Wagon with large wooden wheels covered in canvas cloth
Shoshone guide who helped Lewis and clark
Settlers that aquired free land from the government
A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose especially that of exploration
A man typically on horseback who herds and tends cattle especially in the western us
A person who is the first to explore or settle in a new country or area