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Building Spelling Skills Week 24

to have asked for information
to have watched and sometimes also listened to (someone or something) carefully
to have talked about, wrote about, or referred to (something or someone) especially in a brief way
something you said or wrote when someone asked you a question
to have complained in an annoying way
to have stopped or finished : to have come to an end
to have spoken very softly or quietly
to have made (something) clear or easy to understand
something that someone said or wrote to express an opinion or idea
to have said (something) suddenly and without thought to how people would react
to have demanded that something happen or that someone does something
to have spoken or written a statement that expressed an opinion about someone or something
to have said usually in an unwilling way that you accepted or did not deny the truth or existence of (something)
to have said (something) in an enthusiastic or forceful way
to have given a forceful statement in which you said that something must be done or given to you
to have suddenly cried out in a loud and high voice because of pain, surprise, etc.
to have said, written, or done something as an answer or response
to have given an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done