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U.S. History Chapter #17 #1

When women first pushed for a constitutional amendment for voting rights the ___ blocked it.
Susan B. ___ was the leader of the woman's suffrage movement.
President Roosevelt forced ___ owners to negotiate with workers.
The NAACP was started by African Americans and ____ reformers.
President Roosevelt promoted when he attempted to create water projects in this country.
The ___ was an explosive book written about the meat packing industry.
The 1902 coal ____ strike was settled when Roosevelt got involved.
Prior to the 19th Amendment women first tried to convince ___ leaders to give them the right to vote.
The ___ deal was intended to improve working conditions and stop monopolies.
At 42 ___ Roosevelt was the youngest man elected President.
The __ Antitrust Act prevented monopolies from continuing in the country.
___ is the National Association of Colored Women.
Women contended that the ___ amendment already gave them the right to vote.
Upton ___ wrote a nauseating book about the meat packing industry.
The right to vote.