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Health Science Crossword

In every cell in the body; used to build and maintain bones, muscles, and skin; can be obtained from meats, dairy products, etc.
Your body uses this to make or get energy from the food you eat.
Condition that happens with insufficient amounts of liquids and electrolytes;
Sweet simple carbohydrate that can naturally be found in fruits, vegetables; also used for energy; includes glucose.
Type of nutrient that allows your body to store energy and absorb vitamins; too much can hinder your health.
The body uses this to break down food into nutrients; used for energy, growth, and cell repair.
Substances that speed up chemical reactions in the body.
Chemical compounds in food used to maintain health and proper bodily functions
Intake includes how much fluids you drink, and fluids from foods you eat. Keep track to make sure you get enough everyday.
Includes what you eat and drink; could be for vegetarian, weight loss, etc.