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Answer Key
Molecule made of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxgen atom (H2o). Needed for photosythisis .
Part of a plant from which a new plant could grow .
Strucuture in plant cell containing chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place .
Process plants use to make their own food with sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.
Plant structure for producing seeds.
Gas given off by plants during photosynthesis .
Plant structure that contains chlorophyll and is where photosynthesis takes place.
A primary root that grows straight down into the ground.
Plant structure that supports the leaves and transports food , water , and minerals to different parts of the plant .
Food that plants make through the process of photosynthesis .
Green pigment in plants that allow them to uses sunlight for energy .
Part of a plant that holds it in the ground and absorbs ,stores,and transports water and minerals.
Cells that form a tube like structure that carries food in the plant.
Cells that form a tube like structure that carries water and minerals in the plant.