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Weather Instruments Crossword Puzzle

Name: __________________________________

Period: _______  Date: _____________________
Measures the water vapor content of the air
A barometer indicates whether __?__ is rising or falling
A sling psychrometer uses the cooling effect of __?__ to measure relative humidity
Number of thermometers used in a sling psychrometer
The __?__ of an anemometer shows the wind speed
Weather instrument that measures air temperature
Weather instrument (two words) that measures relative humidity
Italian scientist who built the first barometer in 1643
A __?__ barometer means stormy and wet conditions
Most thermometers are __?__ containing liquids
Instrument (two words) that determines the direction from which the wind is blowing
Weather instrument that measures wind speed
Weather instrument (two words) that measures the amount of rain that has fallen over a specific time period
To find the relative humidity, you have to __?__ the sling psychrometer a few times
The type of thermometers used in a sling psychrometer are dry bulb and __?__ (two words)
Scale used by meteorologists to indicate the temperature in the atmosphere
A __?__ barometer means sunny and dry conditions
Weather instrument that measures air pressure
A simple anemometer uses __?__ to catch the wind which turn a dial attached to the instrument
Used to photograph and track large-scale air movements (two words)
Measures weather conditions higher up in the atmosphere (two words)
Used by meteorologists to forecast the weather (two words)
One of the best ways to help detect the weather.
The water vapor content of air is called __?__
The liquid in the tubes of thermometers contain alcohol or __?__