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Mobile App Unit Vocabulary

Teacher: R. R. Small Fundamentals of Computer Science
Someone who uses an object, including software and hardware.
A first or early model of a product that allows you to test assumptions before developing a final version.
The visual elements of a program through which a user controls or communicates with the application. Often abbreviated UI.
the repetition of a process. A means of obtaining successively closer approximations to the solution of a problem. A new version of a piece of computer hardware or software.
How easy, efficient, and satisfying it is to use a human-made object or device (including software).
Part of a program that does not work correctly
To critically evaluate in a detailed and constructive manner.
An individual functional element of a software item. This could be the ability to do something new, work across multiple platforms, or perform more efficiently.
A piece of software in a computing environment.
In design, paying attention to a user's feelings and needs when designing a product.