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A Female Empress of China

"Mei-Niang" meant, _______________ girl.
Wu organized military campaigns against ______________.
The historians portray Wu as ruthless, conniving, ______________.
Wu's father encouraged her to read and write and develop ______________ skills.
Wu put 2 of her sons on the throne and ______________ them almost as quickly.
Wu "upset the ______________ of nature by assuming a power which belonged to a man."
Wu had a ______________ who died soon after birth.
Empress Wu was the only female emperor in the _____________ of China.
When a ______________ seemed to appear following an earthquake, it was seen as nature revolting against Wu.
Wu began at court taking care of the royal ______________.
Wu carefully _______________ any potential enemies from the court.
Taizong was so impressed that he made Wu his ______________.
Wu was an instantly recognizable ______________ to the people of China.
Wu was assured that her sons would rule the ___________ after the death of her husband.