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Chemistry Review

Teacher: Mr. Wiebe
Group 2
Has 2 electrons in inner shell, 8 in the next and 6 in the outer shell.
A vertical row in the periodic table
More reactive of Li and Na
Group in the periodic table with with full valence shells
A horizontal row in the periodic table
Gas with mass number of 19.0
Atom that has gained one or more electrons
Diagram that uses circle and dots to display the electrons in an atom
Type of metal in the middle of the periodic table
In the Carbon family in the 5th period
Type of bonding where atoms share electrons
First member in the 4th period
Composed of protons and neutrons
Equal to the number of protons
Smallest unit of a compound that retains the properties of that compound
Group in the periodic table which are one electron short of a full valence shell
Number of valence electrons in Boron
Organized elements into the periodic table
Atom that has lost one or more electrons
Same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons
Atomic number 47
Gas with 8 protons and 8 neutrons
Pair of identical elements that use covalent bonding to form a molecule
Has 26 protons
Maximum number of electrons in the 1st shell
Has 2 or more types of particles
Group with 1 electron in its valence shell
Pair of electrons not used in bonding
78% of air and found in the 15th group
Type of bonding where atoms give or receive electrons
Has 20 neutrons and found in bones and teeth
Electrons in an atom's outer shell