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Unit 4 Cell Transport

The movement of water through a membrane; Diffusion of WATER molecules through a semipermeable membrane from HIGH concentration to Low.
________helps to cool the body because heat is lost through the water.
Movement of particles from less crowded areas to more crowded areas; Movement of substances through the cell membrane that REQUIRES ENERGY. Moving things from a LOW concentration to a HIGH concentration.
Smelling movie popcorn as soon as you walk in a door is an example of __________because the smell of the popcorn moves from where it was made (high concentration- more crowded) to where you are walking in the door (less concentration - less crowded).
Two gummy bears were once the same size. The second gummy bear was placed in a coup of water. The second gummy bear GAINED water through ______________
Movement of particles (molecules) from more crowded areas (or areas of high concentration) to less crowded areas (or areas of low concentration)
The balance that all living things maintain in order to survive; Process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment.