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Cultural Geography of Latin America

Name _____________________ Hr. __________
Chapter 9 Vocabulary Test 
Floating islands
Wall paintings
Latin America's largest populated area
Skilled in mathematics
The conquerors set up highly structured political systems under royally appointed officials
Cities with more than 10 million people
Made a chocolate "food of the gods"
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
A series of knotted cords of various colors and lengths
Aztec capital
City established by the Maya
A blending of beliefs and practices
People descended from an area's first inhabitants
Fast-paced game like handball
Urban area that dominates its country's economy, culture, and political affairs
Pictures or designs made by small bits of colored stone, tile, or shell into mortar
The migration of people from the countryside
Has the highest population density in the Caribbean
Picture writings carved in stone, on temples to honor their deities and record their history
Serious condition caused by a lack of proper food
Forms of language unique to a particular place or group