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Animal and Plant Behavior

Use your textbook!  Answers can be found on pages 92-96
In birds and mammals, ______ is common
Change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience
Behaviors closely controlled by genes
Whether behaviors are controlled mainly by genes or by the environment
Close-kit group of animals that live and work together for the good of the group
Regular changes in behavior that occur in a 24 hour day
Study of animal behavior
Response that always occurs when a certain stimulus is present
Animals can ______ with sounds, chemicals, or visual cues
The union of a male and female of the same species
Responding to the presence of water
Behavior intended to cause harm or pain
Responding to seasonal changes
Responding to touch
Turning toward or away from a stimulus
Trigger for behavior
Growing toward gravity
Behavior evolve in increase _______. (p.92)
When individuals compete for the same resources
Growing toward a light source
_______ allows the group to do many things that a lone animal could never do
Plant growth hormone that controls tropism