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Volleyball Crossword

When the ball is being returned back and forth over the net between two teams.
The ball is tossed in this style of a serve.
Part of your hand to contact the ball when doing an overhead pass.
Another name for the forearm pass.
A hit above your head.
Players move one position.
The ball is put into play with this skill.
The ball should be held ____when doing an underhand serve.
Usually the second person to contact the ball.
Allowed, according to the rules.
Not allowed, according to the rules.
Thumbs up signal meaning the ball touched an obstacle that interfered.
The color of our boundary lines.
When serving you should step with the ______ foot.
A hit chest or below with hands connected.
Term used for when a team has lost their serve.
The number of times a team can hit the ball.
Another name for the overhead pass.
A type of scoring used in volleyball.