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Ice Hockey

Author: Crosby Comets Peewees
Following in his brothers shoes (skates)
Footwear required
City your tournament is in
What you don't want to get
Player #42
A hat trick is when a player scores _ goals in one game
Very powerful hit
Teammate that sounds like a wild animal
Causing a player to slam into the wall to slow them down
A penalty resulting from using a stick above the opponents shoulders
When the puck slides from center ice to behind the net untouched
Assistant coaches first name
When a team is shorthanded, the other team is on a ___
How many players it takes to make a line
Teammate that sounds like a firearm
Teammate that won't be at the tournament
Like a jump ball in basketball
Most likely to end up in the penalty box
The arena that the Crosby Comets play in
The most common last name on your team
Player #52
Coaches last name
Player #62
When an attacking player has only the goalie to beat
Player #30
Player defending net
Last name is the same as a city in North Dakota
Ice hockey disc