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Latin America Processing Page

When passing another boat in the canal there is a chance of ____
An ___ set of locks was placed next to the old ones
In 2016 the highest toll payed was by a large boat named___
____ and mini mules help guide ships
The ruler before Fidel Castro
The capital is San Salvador
The capital is Kingston
Cuba gained its ___ in 1889
The worlds largest ____ helps move soil and rocks
The first colony Cuba was apart of was ____
The government owns all large business and most of the land
The capital is Nassau
A ___ lock system helps ships pass by
The ___ company went bankrupt
The capital is Port-au-Prince
The capital is Belmopan
A person who leaves his or her land for another country because of a political reasons
In 1881 Panama was a part of __
In 1903 the US helped the people of Panama gain their ___
The crops that grow well in Cuba are ___
The capital is Panama City
Richard Hilburton payed the lowest toll, he ___
The country that made Cuba and the US tense
USSR ships steam towards the naval ____