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People & Battles In The Civil War

an American politician who served as the only President of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865
an American abolitionist and author. She came from the Beecher family, a famous religious family, and is best known for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin
a pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She was a hospital nurse in the American Civil War, a teacher, and patent clerk
the First Battle of Manassas, was fought on July 21, 1861 in Prince William County, Virginia
on December 13, 1862, involved nearly 200,000 combatants, the largest concentration of troops in any Civil War battle
an American abolitionist, humanitarian, and an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War
a major battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War, fought April 6–7, 1862, in southwestern Tennessee
the final major military action in the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War