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Old Testament 1114

Saul fell on this
David was given his sword
Another name for David's City
Saul went to her for Advice
Brother of Phinehas
Same as stubbornness
David committed this with Bathsheba
The glory of Israel has departed
The tribe Saul belonged to
Saul had them all killed
Better than sacrifice
David acted as both King and ____
David cut this from Saul
Samuel had great influence over these affairs
Wanted to be like other nations and have a King
Effective tool of Satan
Amon requested Tamar make these for him
They kidnapped David's women
Eli was judged because he was not strict on them
A counselor who helped David
Saul's counselor who hung himself
The author of the book of Samuel
David made sure he paid for this
Abigail's first husband
Samuel's father
Rebelled against his father
A man after God's own heart
David's friend and Saul's son
David entered Jerusalem through these
Amon was killed because of his sin against her
Amon feigned this
Absalom was caught in a tree by this
This made David's rule more difficult
Saul's army General
Men should not judge by look at this
Anointed Saul and David as King
One who was lame in his feet
The priest when Hannah was praying for Samuel
Bathsheba's husband
God was not happy with the way David moved it
Ichabod's father
An evil one made Saul go mad
100 was the Price for Saul's daughter
One who went chasing a flea
Built the Temple
Samuel's mother
David asked Saul if he was chasing a dead dog or a single ____