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Names and Characteristics of God - 2

What did Abraham call the place after he gave an offering to the Lord? (4 words) Genesis 22:14
What is the name we call our God? (3 words) Jeremiah 23:6
Melchizedek adddressed Abram, saying he was blessed by God who is: (5 words) Genesis 14:19
What attribute did God add to His name when He appeared to Abram? Genesis 17:1
I can praise Him who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle, because He is: (2 words) Psalm 144:1
We are not to worship any other god, because our God is: Exodus 34:14
In Daniel's vision, who was taking His seat? (3 words) Daniel 7:9
Have you not heard? The Lord is: (2 words) Isaiah 40:28
The Sabbath is for God's people so they will know this. (5 words) Exodus 31:13
Jesus' name for His Father. Mark 14:36
Who is God as I maneuver this uncertain faith journey? (2 words) Psalm 23:1
What did Gideon name his altar? (4 words) Judges 6:24
The Lord of all creation is this to me. (2 words) Psalm 119:57
God placed His hand on John and said, "Don't be afraid, because I am:" (5 words) Revelation 1:17
There is no one like our God, because He is: (2 words) 2 Samuel 7:22
Our Lord forgives and is good to all who call on Him, because He is: (3 words) Psalm 86:5
In this Psalm, the writer addresses his heavenly daddy as this. Psalm 89:26
This is the name Hagar gave to God when He spoke to her in the desert. ( 4 words) Genesis 16:13
Who is God for those who are upright in heart? (2 words) Psalm 7:10