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Spring Sports Reading Extravaganza (7-12)

Teacher: Newsela's Community Engagement Team
This is a three letter abbreviation for a sports related injury that is more common in girls.
This is the full name of the pom pom team that was affected by the protests held in Ferguson.
The last names of the two men who scaled El Captain in Yosemite (Hint: the word and will go between the names).
The first name of the Iranian-American who decided to play for Iran in the World Cup.
On a summer day in 1885 three Hawaiian ________ introduced surfing to the North American mainland.
The amount of money that Warren Buffet offered to give anyone who picked all of the winning teams for 2014's March Madness men's basketball tournament.
Name of the Indian Nation that protested the name of the NFL's Washington DC based team.
Name of the valley where Pakistan's only ski resort is located.
This is the old-fashioned phrase for "Batter up!"
This is the Portuguese phrase that means "the beautiful game" (referring to soccer)
This is the dangerous winter Olympic event that debuted at the Sochi Olympics.
This contagious disease threatened the African Cup soccer matches.
This is the first name of the NBA Star whose son is Bol Bol.
Kevin Durant took this family member to his MVP Award in 2014.
The former Cleveland Cavalier who decided to return after spending some time in Miami.