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Art & Entertainment...& TV

Author: Paul
AI:1 winner, Kelly
"Everything Is Awesome" movie toy bricks
Bond's Royale
"All in the" "Modern" "Ties"
Hanks' island friend
Sign a lease
Fred's cartoon wife
80's sitcom roller skater
Hey, Jude _____
"Proud Mary" voice
Opposite of Pride
Modern day crooner Michael
Muir from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Eriq from ER
Willis' TV start
1992 Best Actor and JDM doppleganger
"Love _______", modern Christmas classic
Mr. Ripley
"Beautiful Mind" Setting
Van Gogh flower
"Christina's World" artist
Writer of a cinematic Mission Statement
Famous truant seen at 31 Flavors
Jenny told him to run
Prolific author Patterson
Ross, Rachel, et al.
"Diff'rent" family
BBC's "Orphan _______"
Mona Lisa's house
Giverny resident
"Heisenberg" first name
Gilligan's Movie Star, Tina ______
By Jeeves creator
Author of "Sun Also Rises"
Dynamite comedy
Elvis follower in "We Didn't Start the Fire"
"Who Knew?" that she knew
What is a game show?
She's not more than one generation away from pure white trash (1991)
Oscar winner for Cold Mountain
His code was Bosco
Betty's Golden Girl