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Classifying Life - Science Retake

Complex multicellular organisms that usually photosynthesis
More closely related than other members of the same phylum
a genus or generic name first, followed by an epithet or species name
An organism delivering its notional requirements
More than one cell
Found almost everywhere
These make up a family
The broadest largest, most general group
These make up an order
These make up a genus
Not plants, animal or fungi
All Eukaryotes are not plants
Absorb nutrients from their surroundings after breaking them down with digestive juices
Bacteria that lives where other organisms can't survive
One cell
More like each other than members of another phylum
These make up a class
Organisms that are able to form nutritional organic substances
A series of paired statements that describe various physical characteristics of different organisms.
Within each domain, there are 3 kingdoms
Complex multi cellular organisms that can usually move about and have a nervous system