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Lord of the Flies Crossword

The author
Another word for a leader
Place from which the boys see what they think is the beast
A sign of law and order and enables the holder to speak
Object used to kill Piggy
"The stick was sharpened at both_______."
The state the boys descend into over time
The leader of the Hunters
The outlining theme throughout the entire book. __________ vs. __________.
The first to realize the true meaning of the beast
The thing that comes off the fire that alerts the passing ship
This originally brought the boys to the island when it crashed.
An smart boy with poor eyesight
Ralph thinks his _____ will save them
A critique on society
The event going on in the real world when the book was written
The person that falls from the plane and is mistaken for the beast
Simons dead body is washed away by this
There are no _________ on the island until the officer comes
Roger throws these at the littluns when they are playing on the beach.
The area in the island jack and the hunters take power
An area of the island where the boys often go to have fun and play
Weapons used by the hunters
A quality that the boys lost when they became savages and killed. "The loss of ________."
The being Simon thinks he talked to in the forest
The little boys
The place on the island where the plane crashed
Most of the boys on the plane were traveling as a ______. (singing)
Ralph and Jack fight over the importance of _________ throughout the book
An item that lets you see the bigger picture
A character that follows Jack and ends up killing Piggy
When the fire goes out this thing passes by the island
The fear that exists in all humans
The person that rescues the boys
The animal Jack is constantly trying to kill
One of the twins that stays by Ralphs side
The conch is used to call ________.
Roger wants to offer Ralph's _______ to the beast.
Roger and Maurice kick the littluns' ________ over that they built when they see them playing on the beach.
The second biggest boy, and is often seen with Roger.
Where the boys are from
Jack hesitates when about to kill the ________.
Ralph focuses on building these instead of hunting
A boy with fair hair, who befriends Piggy
Ralph says, "The ______ are all we got."
The other twin
Why does Ralph go to Jacks side of the island. What does he want to eat?
A symbol of hope