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Rome- misc and vocab 1st

One way Roman Republic and US Govt are the same
Basic unit of the roman army; consisting of 4,500-5,000 heavily armed soldiers
Ordinary peasants; craftsmen; 95% of the population
Art of giving speeches
Name of the plain on which Rome is located
Roman technology
Another way Roman Republic and US Govt are the same
5% of the population; held all political power
2 highest magistrates; most powerful; issued laws; led army; could veto the other; only served for one year
Channel that carries water from one place to another
20 elected officials who ruled for one year; tax collectors; city finances
River that connects Rome to the Med. Sea
1st mountain range east and north of Rome
300 men; patrician class; elected and held their offices for life; gave advise to help consuls approve laws; controlled Roma
2nd mountain range east and north of Rome
Appointed to protect the plebeians against unfair treatment; 2-10 men; power to veto; consult to Senate
Story with a religious moral
Language that developed from Latin, such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Three persons according to christian belief: God the Father; Jesus the Son; the Holy Spirit
Roman technology
Period of stability in the Roman empire
Roman technology